Ten Years A Lacuna Coil Fan / Fan Article

Emptyspiral News By Oct 06, 2014

Gordon-magazineGordon has been a Lacuna Coil fan for a decade.  He writes:

I had originally planned to post this about a week and a half ago, pretty much on the tenth anniversary of the first time I listened to Comalies.  It was going to be a recap of every Lacuna Coil-related memory I had from the ten years I’ve been a fan.

Alas, by the time I finished it, it was rather over-long, and I felt sure that no-one would read it all the way through.

Instead, I’m just going to unleash (sorry) a handful of stand-out memories.

Check out the rest of the article here


  1. LukC says:

    Nice article, I’ve celebrated 15 years on the 15th of May 😛

    1. Matt says:

      You need to write an article then! 😛

      1. LukC says:

        I have no time, work is killing me :/

        1. Matt says:

          🙁 that sucks! How about later when it’s done killing you…?

          1. LukC says:

            I guess I can give it a try within few weeks 🙂

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