The Meaning of 1.19 – Twenty Years of Emptyspiral

Emptyspiral News By Nov 15, 2023

It still seems unreal to me that I wrote ‘Emptyspiral – 10 years of the Lacuna Coil Community’ 10 years ago! When I say that ‘it feels like yesterday’, it genuinely does, which is scary.

For Lacuna Coil it’s been a very eventful decade.
They’ve released four new albums – ‘Broken Crown Halo’ in 2014, ‘Delirium’’ in 2016, ‘Black Anima’ in 2019, ‘Comalies XX’ in 2022, as well as 2 live albums – The 119 Show in 2018 and Live from The Apocalypse in 2021. Band members have left and new members have joined. They’ve even published their story in a book. Musically the band has changed, whilst managing to maintain their identity in an ever-musically diverse world. Of course there have been tours-a-plenty and they have opened up new areas (though of course it’s never enough for us fans, right?)

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