I Forgive / Review by Gillian

lacuna-coil-i-forgiveI Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) was unleashed to certain radio stations on Monday, February 10th. When I read the title to this song, I didn’t expect a very heavy song, I rather looked out for a more slow song, with a strong content.
I first heard this song on Virgin radio and the first thing I noticed was the strong harmony between Andrea, Cristina and the melody of the song. Still, I knew I had to hear this song more than one time to really form a good opinion about it, as it was not exactly what I expected to hear. Unconsciously, you always have some vague expectations about a song, and sometimes, they lay far from the reality of that song. When I heard this song for a second time on Team Rock radio, later that evening, I seemed to start changing my mind about it, in a positive direction. This is why I think you need to give this song some time to settle into your mind, as it is a very affective song.
I personally think the intro of this song is very melancholic, followed up by an emotionally deep song, lyrically and melodic. In my review about Nothing Stands In Our Way, I talked about the fragile side in Cristina’s voice and I think this side is even more emphasized in this song. Also Andrea perfectly stresses the emotional content of the lyrics.

In a way, this song reminds me of the atmosphere of ‘Unleashed Memories’, because of the melancholic, melodic sound, but I would call this song more cinematic with a fresh and modern vibe through it. What makes the big difference from ‘Unleashed Memories’, is the way their voices have evolved. In this song, Cristina sings higher notes. I would also describe their voices as more bitter in this particular song. This embittered, but still determined sound in their voices gives the song it’s striking impression. Especially in the part “Let it rain into my heart I wash away the stains that you left behind” , I can sense this a lot.
Even though we can always clearly see their evolution and the way they walk a new direction in every album, it makes me happy that they always kind of stick to their roots. Lacuna Coil is a band that lets their sound depend a lot from the moments they are living in and experiencing, that’s maybe the reason why their sound and their lyrics always make so much sense, at least to me.
As for me, I am certainly ready for more songs of Broken Crown Halo, it’s not difficult to sense that the full album will blow us away, so bring it on!!

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