More Exclusive Answers Album Answers From Lacuna Coil!

Emptyspiral News, General News By May 30, 2011

Here are this weeks answers to your questions asked here on Emptyspiral and on our Facebook page.

Who are you using for the art on the album? Any initial ideas?

ANDREA: We have a bunch of different people in mind, we want the artwork to be a little different. But right now, we still donÕt have any definitive ideas.

Can we expect more guitar solos and some doublebass drumming?

ANDREA: We have some of both.

CRISTINA: Ooooh yeah!!!!!

Will Andy growl?

ANDREA:No, but there will be some really powerful songs with powerful vocals.

CRISTINA: His vocals are gonna be more badass and aggressive than a growl in some songs!

If you want to ask your own question about the forthcoming album you can do so in our forums or on our Facebook page. Keep your questions coming!

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