More Exclusive Album Answers from Lacuna Coil!

Emptyspiral News, General News By May 24, 2011

Lacuna Coil have answered more questions submitted by fans through Emptyspiral! Here are this weeks answers to your questions..

Any ‘concept’ for the album?

ANDREA: No concept. Just a collection of songs inspired by all of the events that we have experienced in the past couple of years. For some of us, it was some really dark times.

Is the direction still “Heavier and Darker” or has it changed since ?

ANDREA: Absolutely, some stuff is pretty tight, probably the heaviest we have ever written. But then we have some cool songs with a dark ÒoldschoolÓ vibe, and then some other rocking songs which are a bit more modern and anthemic sounding.

CRISTINA: I just want you all to listen to it Ôcause I think the old fans will be pleased as well as the new fans. The collection of songs are the perfect balance between an older and a newer style of rock metal – with a heavy punch and melancholic shadows.
It’s hard to describe musicÉ I hope you can just enjoy the trip with us!

If you want to ask your own question about the forthcoming album you can do so in our forums or on our Facebook page.

Look out for more questions soon!

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