Chair Your Sound Interview with Andrea

General News, On The Web By Jul 20, 2023

Friend of Emptyspiral, Margot Patry has interviewed Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrew Ferro during the recent US tour, for the ChairYourSound music website. In the interview Andrea talks about Comalies XX and it’s reception on tour, the collaboration with CMON games for Zombicide White Death and more. You can check out the interview at https://chairyoursound.com/andrea-ferro-lacuna-coil-2024-sera-notre-annee-interview-fr-eng/

Andrea and Cristina Interviewed by KNAC.COM

In The Media, On The Web By Oct 05, 2022

Lacuna Coil vocalists Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia were recently interviewed by Francisco Zamudio of KNAC.COM. In the interview they discuss Comalies, both the 2002 release and the Comalies XX version, touring, longevity as a band, and more. You can read more about interview at KNAC.COM and view the interview here.

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 147 / Black Anima

Emptyspiral Podcast By Apr 13, 2020

In the latest episode of the Emptyspiral Podcast we talk to Lacuna Coil guitarist Diego Cavallotti about joining the band, recording Black Anima, touring with Lacuna Coil, and more. Afterwards we then review the song ‘Black Anima’. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively, you can download or listen to the podcast episode right here:…

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 146 / Save Me

Emptyspiral Podcast By Apr 04, 2020

The latest episode of the Emptyspiral Podcast is now out and in it we have an exclusive interview with Cristina from Lacuna Coil, in which we talk about taking Black Anima on the road, as well as stage clothes and more! Later we review the song ‘Save Me’ You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively,…

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 145/ The End is All I Can See

Emptyspiral Podcast By Mar 28, 2020

The latest episode of the Emptyspiral Podcast is out today with an exclusive interview with Andrea from Lacuna Coil! In it we talk about the touring, Black Anima, and there’s even a clue has to what the song 1.19 is all about. We then review the song The End is All I Can See. You can listen to the podcast…

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