Exclusive Lacuna Coil Q&A Continues!

Emptyspiral News, General News By Jun 09, 2011

Our exclusive weekly Q&A with Lacuna Coil about the forthcoming album continues with more answers to your questions!

Note: Cristina will return next week!

Did you listen to any particular music – either old or new – while writing, and did it affect the way the album will sound like?

ANDREA:The writing process has been quite intense and there wasn’t really much time to listen to other music. After you’ve been working all day on demos and you’re finally home you might watch some TV or spend some time with your family, but not really listen to loud music again

Will there be some awesome solos from the fantastic Maus?

ANDREA:Yes, there will be some great solos from Maus.

Will there be an Italian song on this record?

ANDREA:Not an entire song, but there will be a surprise in that direction.

If you want to ask your own question about the forthcoming album you can do so on our Facebook page. Keep your questions coming!

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