Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 137 / Anima Nera

Emptyspiral Podcast By Dec 15, 2019

Black-AnimaThis week in episode 137 of the Lacuna Coil Community Podcast we present part one of our very special interview with Marco Coti Zelati, in which the maestro behind the music of Black Anima shares some of his secrets, and we listen to Mike slowly die in the corner! We also review Anima Nera. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively, you can download or listen to the podcast episode right here: [button title=”Download 61min (29mb mp3)” type=”linkbutton” color=”grey-dark” align=”alignleft” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/ep137.mp3″ target=”_self” el_class=”medium-small”]

 Show Notes:

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  • Lacuna Coil North American Tour VIP Details.
  • The Lacuna Coil Batman Metal box can be ordered here.
  • New Lacuna Coil merchandise, including the water bottle and Naughty Christmas socks can be ordered here.


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