Lacuna Coil Release Delirium Song in Karmacode Teaser

Emptyspiral News By Apr 01, 2016

Karmacode CoverCan’t wait for Lacuna Coil’s new album ‘Delirium’?  Lacuna Coil are offering a chance for you to hear a track from the forthcoming album, and have combined this with a celebration of their Karmacode album that is 10 years old this month.  Owners of the 2006 album will know that there are numbers in both the artwork and on the CD.  These numbers have remained a mystery for a decade and, though the band are still refusing to reveal their true meaning, Lacuna Coil have created a Toll free number using them as a teaser for fans to listen to songs from Delirium.

To listen all you have to do is select the correct 6-numbers from the Karmacode art and call (US Toll free) +1 822 xxx-xxx.

You can find out more information here.

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