10 Years of Emptyspiral

Emptyspiral News By Jun 29, 2013

ESCakesmallThings were very different in 2003.  Though hardly in its infancy, the Internet was a very different place then. The technology behind websites wasn’t close to what it is today; Facebook didn’t exist, and the ways in which strangers could interract were far more limited.  It was much more difficult to be an online fan of a band.

I had been introduced to Lacuna Coil when a friend lent me the album ‘Unleashed Memories’ and I was hooked from the first listen. I started looking around the Internet for information on the band and, in the most part, came up short.  There just weren’t that many places with information about Lacuna Coil, and that included the band’s own site!  What few places I found were rarely, if ever, updated…

As Emptyspiral.net celebrates 10 years of Lacuna Coil fandom, read my blog about a decade of forums, news, and friendship!


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