Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 5

Emptyspiral News, Emptyspiral Podcast By Feb 02, 2013

Episode 5 of the Emptyspiral Podcast is released today! In this episode we talk to Lacuna Coil bassist Marco Coti Zelati about the Comalies album, and much more.

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You can download or listen to the podcast episode here:

[button url=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ep05.mp3″ type=”audio/mp3″ ]Download 37:29 min (36 mb mp3) [/button]


Show Notes

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  • The interview was recorded on Lacuna Coils tour bus before the show in at Koko, London on 28th October 2012.
  • The music was played to Marco from an iPhone (it’s rather tinny!)
  • The 10 year Emptyspiral review of the Comalies Album can be read here.


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  1. Troll says:

    I Fucking love Marco…”my dog is-ah taking-ah shit-ah on the garden” “talking about cat taking a shit on garden”

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