Century Media Releases 2CD Unleashed Memories

General News By Jan 29, 2013

Century Media has re-released Lacuna Coils second full-length album ‘Unleashed Memories’ as a special 2 CD limited edition. The release includes the bonus track ‘Lost Lullaby’, as well as a CD of live tracks recorded at Wacken festival.

The full listing is as follows:

CD 1
1. Heir Of A Dying Day
2. To Live Is To Hide
3. Purify
4. Senzafine
5. When A Dead Man Walks
6. 1, 19
7. Cold Heritage
8. Distant Sun
9. A Current Obsession
10. Wave Of Anguish
11. Lost Lullaby (Bonus Track)

CD 2
1. Intro (Live At Wacken, 2007)
2. To The Edge (Live At Wacken, 2007)
3. Fragments Of Faith (Live At Wacken, 2007)
4. Swamped (Live At Wacken, 2007)
5. Closer (Live At Wacken, 2007)
6. Senzafine (Live At Wacken, 2007)
7. Enjoy The Silence (Live At Wacken, 2007)
8. Heaven’s A Lie (Live At Wacken, 2007)
9. Our Truth (Live At Wacken, 2007)

You can order the album directly from CMDistro,  or from Nuclear Blast, Emp Online, etc.

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