The New Emptyspiral is launched!

Emptyspiral News By Jan 16, 2012

[imageeffect type=”frame” align=”alignright” width=”200″ height=”200″ alt=”The Lacuna Coil Community” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/es-community-logo.jpg” ]Today sees the launch of the new Emptyspiral website!  We’ve been the official Lacuna Coil community for nearly 8 years now and this is the most significant redesign we have ever had.  Don’t worry though we’ve managed to archive over 1000 news articles; all fully searchable of course, and our forum remains – containing close to half a million posts.  So if you’ve not been here for a while, or even if you have, take time to have a look around!

Here’s some things to check out:

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  • Our News section – you can look for Lacuna Coil news all the way back to 2003.
  • The Lacuna Coil Biography – updated to the present day.
  • The all-new Discography – with lyrics for all current Lacuna Coil releases, and those for Dark Adrenaline to follow very soon!
  • Our Interviews section – which includes new audio interviews with Andrea and Cristina from the recent Dark Adrenaline Tour!
  • The Upcoming Shows feature – which not only allows you to link through to a google map of the venue, but you can also subscribe to our RSS feed or iCalendar so you never miss another show!
  • Our Forum – which has been the main discussion message boards for Lacuna Coil fans for many years.


We hope you like the new Emptyspiral! Feel free to comment here, or on our forums and let us know what you think!




  1. ikir says:

    It is awesome!

  2. ikir says:

    PS: it seems Facebook comments doesn’t count as “comments” since the news items says 0 when i come in.

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