‘Our Truth’ Review at Billboard.com

In The Media By Jan 28, 2006

The Music Industry Entertainment site – billboard.com has reviewed Lacuna Coils single ‘Our Truth’, taken off the Underworld Evolution Soundtrack.
The reviewer, Christa L. Titus, has this to say about the first single released from the bands forthcoming album Karmacode:

One of the dark gems on the “Underworld: Evolution” soundtrack, “Our Truth” is the lead single from Lacuna Coil’s upcoming “Karmacode” (due April 4). The Italian band’s new album is one of the most anticipated metal releases of 2006, and by the sound of this track, the wait will be worth it. While it could hardly be considered a pop song, the hard-charging single, ready-made for the concert circuit, is certainly one of the group’s catchiest tracks. Crammed with hooks, the ripping guitars in “Our Truth” lean more on Lacuna Coil’s metal side, but the piece retains a gothic air. Singer Christina Scabbia (who shares vocal duties with Andrea Ferro) leads the way with her rich alto. This single will reignite the band’s U.S. presence, picking up where hits “Swamped” and “Heaven’s a Lie” left off.

The Underworld Evolution OST was released by Lakeshore Records on 10th January 2006.

Thanks to lacunacoilfan24 for the information

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