Cover art for Lacuna CoilÕs New Album Karmacode Now Available

General News By Jan 30, 2006

Century Media have released the following to the press today:
The anticipation surrounding the release of the much anticipated new LACUNA COIL album, Karmacode, continues to build leading up to itÕs imminent release on April 4th.

Asterik Studio (Trapt, Funeral For A Friend, The Used), the Grammy-nominated design firm, handled the package design and layout. Their objective was to create a world that would reflect the albums theme and title. Andrea Ferro (vocals) describes the meaning behind the album’s unique title: When it came to coming up with an album title I wanted to combine one ‘old’ word that is spiritually connected with another that offers a link to our more ‘modern’ times. If there were an actual translation of Karmacode it would be something like ‘spiritual DNA and the message behind it.’ The title attempts to balance our modern, overwhelming, self-centered, fast-paced lifestyles and the desire we all have to live a more spiritual, more compassionate and more fulfilling life.”

Karmacode begins where the critically acclaimed Comalies album left off, and the album will further solidify their spot as one of the genres most dynamic and exhilarating artists.

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