Our Second Anniversary!

Emptyspiral News By Jun 09, 2005

WeÕre two today!

Yep, itÕs been two years since Emptyspiral.net opened itÕs doors to the World and IÕve seen it grow from a small site to a community with over 18000 users. Together weÕve also seen the band reach new heights with the sales of Comalies, and becoming Ozzfest 04Õs hottest attraction. ItÕs been a roller coaster ride and IÕve enjoyed every minute of it!

As we go into our third year, IÕm personally looking forward to hearing all about the summer festivals, and like everyone, wait in anticipation of what comes with Lacuna CoilÕs next album.

So, on this special day I would like to propose a toast. To my fellow coilers throughout the World Ð wherever you may be, to the people that have helped this community grow and helped me maintain (some) level of order! And of course, to Lacuna Coil, who are an inspiration and who make it all worthwhile.


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