Emptyspiral’s Interview in Abracadaver Magazine

Emptyspiral News, In The Media By Aug 18, 2004

The emptyspiral.net interview with Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro, has been translated into Spanish and appears in the second issue of Abracadaver – with permission of course!
The magazine, available for free download, is the first Chilean electronic magazine devoted to dark culture and also includes interviews with Mar de Grises, Collide, Lahka Muza, Antimatter, Crucifix Nocturnal Christians and the photographers Scott Church andXharay Navarro. There are also articles with Butterfly Messiah, Diamanda Gal‡s, In Extremo, Gothic BA, Jacula, Bauhaus and Therion.

You can download the PDF of the magazine, as well as the first issue here…Well done Leo, and keep up the good work!

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