The Lacuna Coil FAQ v1.0…

Emptyspiral News By May 27, 2004

I have added the Lacuna Coil ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) version 1.0 to the site today, a culmination of work from the Lacuna Coil community. Like all such FAQs the intention is that it will provide an introduction to the band as well as a useful reference.

You can read the FAQ, as well as download a text version of it in our Contents section here…
If you note any errors or wish to add something please feel free to post something in the forums

My thanks to everyone in the Lacuna Coil Communty that helped compile the FAQ, and special thanks to GKnight for all the help in the writing of it and Andrea of Lacuna Coil for clarifying some points up for us!

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