Melissa VanFleet

Melissa Vanfleet releases Ode To the Dark EP

General News By Oct 25, 2018

Further to our announcement, Melissa Vanfleet has released her 4 track ‘Ode To the Dark’.  The songs on the EP were produced by Lacuna Coils Marco Coti-Zelati. The EP has the following tracks: 1. Raven (previously released) 2. Atrophy 3. Marionette 4. Ode To the Dark The EP is available on Apple iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Unlimited now.  

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 131 / Delirium

Emptyspiral Podcast By Feb 14, 2018

A whole new episode of the Emptyspiral Podcast it out today – with an exclusive interview!  This week we’re joined by the amazingly talented Melissa VanFleet, whose recent single ‘Raven’ was produced by Lacuna Coil bassist Marco Coti Zelati.  In the interview we find out how Melissa became a single-songwriter, her experience working with Marco, and she exclusively reveals what…