Lacuna Coil in Riftrock’s ”Metal’s Most Wanted” Column

In The Media By Jan 09, 2004

Lacuna Coil are featured in Riftrocks “Metal’s Most Wanted” monthly column. Among other bands included are; Arch Enemy, Atreyu, and Every Time I Die who all ‘will tear down the mainframe of heavy metal, and show headbangers what the genre is really all about’. Though the article is relatively short, it discusses the bands musical style and the recent success with ‘Heaven’s a Lie’.
In the words of the author, Ashley Munno: ‘Lacuna Coil seems to have set off some sparks with their new album, and as the band continues into the year of 2004, I can only hope those sparks will ignite a fire around a band with such talent and potential as Lacuna Coil’. Agreed!

You can read the article at Riftrock here…

Thanks to Ashley for letting us know about the article…

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