Emptyspiral Podcast / Epidsode 127 / Live To Tell

Emptyspiral Podcast By Oct 28, 2017

We’re finally back! It’s been a while and hard work aligning our diaries, but Mike and I (no Russ unfortunately) have finally caught up after so long. And we have a lot to talk about!  In this episode we discuss the news, the 1.19 show in January, and then review the Madonna Cover ‘Live to Tell’ taken from the album…

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 119 / The TRUTH

Emptyspiral Podcast By Jan 19, 2017

Since the beginning of Emptyspiral, we’ve been trying to establish the true meaning of the Lacuna Coil song 1.19. There have been numerous interviews, hours of fan discussion and speculation, a podcast, and even a movie.  Today on Lacuna Coil day (1/19/2017) we have exclusive permission from the band to reveal the TRUTH about 1.19! Are you ready?  Dare you…

Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 32 – 1.19 Edition

Emptyspiral Podcast By Aug 17, 2013

In this very special edition of the Emptyspiral Podcast, we explore the song 1.19; the lyrics, the title, the mystery and more.  You’ll hear extracts from exclusive interviews with Lacuna Coil, including the 2004 interview in which Cristina gave us our only clue about the title of the song. We also review and rate the song in full. We should…