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Lacuna Coil on

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Lacuna Coil appeared on the show on the All Music channel in Italy on Wednesday 7th April 2004. They sang ‘Heavens a Lie’ , and were interviewed by Alessandra and Yan (all music vjs) after their performance:

Ale: Welcome guys, it’s a pleasure having you here. I’ve announced you by saying that you are the Italian band more envyed abroad and I’ve seen with a side-glance your faces’ expressions… a bit odd… a trite phrase?

Cristina: We’re unpresuming

Ale: You’re unpresuming

Andy: Actually we often go abroad, so we are one of the most known bands abroad, at least in the rock scene.

Ale: I know you’re going to leave for the United States, there you’re going to have about 60 concerts…

Andy: Yes, we’re starting at the end of April with P.O.D, maybe ’cause we’re waiting for our visas… if everything’s on time… (laughs)… No, we’re
going on tour with P.O.D. and then from July we are performing at Ozzy
Osbourne’s Ozzfest with many other bands.

Ale: Expectations?

Andy: Many expectations, first of all make a good impression, you know, playing in front of lots of people, promoting the album…

Yan: I’d say the album is going great

Cristina: So it seems.

Andy: We can’t complain.

Yan: Comalies is considered by experts, by I think by you and by the audience as well, Lacuna Coil’s best record. What do you think about this?

Andy: Yes

Cristina: I’d say that’s true, until now Comalies is our most painstaking record, we had a bit more time to work at it…

Yan: It’s a natural evolution for you, isn’t it?

Cristina: Absolutely natural because we think an evolution must be natural, not forced so trying to offer something completely different just to make it sound original and new, we think this is Lacuna Coil’s style and the natural course…

Yan: May we say the same about your live performances, in terms of evolution?

Cristina: Well of course, anyway a live performance is something that you can’t study or prepare before: you have to know how to act on stage, you have to sweat, you must understand how to create a good relationship with the audience, and that is stuff you can learn just from….

Yan: …from lots of experience

Cristina: staying on stage…. of course from experience.

Andy: We have spent about six months only in the United States last year…

Yan: You worked a lot to get the fame you have now.

Andy: Yes, yes, a lot.

Ale: Listen to me: many people compare you to…

Andy: Evanescence

Ale: Evanescence exactly…. what do you think about it?

Cristina: Sincerely I don’t find it appropriate, I mean: we are conscious that this mostly happens in Italy, because our popularity abroad is a matter of fact since some years, who is into the metal scene knows it very well, we’ve been around for ten years already, so we haven’t copied anyone or followed the same course of anyone trying to imitate look or something, ’cause this is the look we’ve been having for ages, who looks at the old photos knows it well.

Yan: It’s a comparison mostly made in Italy…

Cristina: It’s a comparison that I find a bit stupid, I mean: the only thing that I find we have in common is the female vocalist, the fact that we have a woman in the band, and this is a problem for many other bands with a woman singer who get compared to us just because of that, even if they sound totally different.

Andy: Anyway we gotta say we don’t think there is any kind old rivalry.

Cristina: No, absolutely,we are keen on stressing it.

Andy: We simply make our music.

Cristina: Many people would like to find this kind of rivalry… they try to create some kind of competition.

Andy: By the way, they came to see us when we toured in the United States, Amy Lee came at a couple of shows…

Yan: Are you already working at something new?

Cristina: Yes, we’re working, but the problem is that now we’ll be in the United States ’til September, so we will start again working in September.

Yan: Have you ever thought about singing in italian?

Cristina: Actually we already have a song, that’s called Senzafine, but we don’t want to force this, I mean, we’re very natural in composing, we don’t wanna write a song in italian just because it might have more appeal on the Italian audience, we just try to be ourselves and to write the songs we like, and if a song in italian sounds good we keep it, otherwise not.

Yan: Ok.

Ale: Good luck for your American tour…

Cristina & Andy: Thank you

Ale: …and come to visit us again soon!

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