Emptyspiral / Oct 2005

Karmacode / The Album Part II

Interview with Andrea Ferro / 11 Oct 2005

This is the third and final part of my ‘Karmacode’ interview with Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro. You can read the first part here and the second part here. In this final part we talk about the influences and the release of the album.

Part 3 – Releasing the album

Matt – Influences. Have there been any specific influences that you’ve drawn on?
Andrea – Maybe for the heavy songs there might be an American influence in the sound because we have toured so much over there that it’s impossible to avoid. When I talk about the groove of the songs that could be more connected to the American sound. I don’t want to say nu-metal, because it’s not, but you can hear something more in the bigger sound with a lot of groove from the drums and from the bass. That could have been an American influence. But for the atmospheric songs our sound is still very European, something you can’t really hear from the States.

Matt – It sounds like you’re putting together a global album…
Andrea – Since we like to play the really heavy songs live we like to have more heavy songs. Heavy is not totally the right word, when I say heavy you might think we’re doing Meshuggah, but it’s not like that. As you’ve heard the songs we’ve played live – there is a lot of groove and we try to push them. It’s good what you say about the global aspect, as you’ll hear influences from different places. Of course, the violins and the atmospheric parts are more like our tradition compared to the heavy songs. We also used the classical instruments to give a diverse sound, and when we talk about the concept behind the album we talk about an old style of spirituality not only the western civilisation kind. It’s nice for us to have a lot of different moods for the concept.

M – You mention that you have fifteen songs recorded. How many do you think will go on the standard release of the album?
A – We still have to decide the final number because I think it’s also a matter of how long the album has to be. Probably I think between twelve and thirteen.

M – When do you think the album will be released?
A – There is no official date yet. Perhaps March..

M – Will it be released globally on that date?
A – It should be released at the same day everywhere. That is what we would like to have. It is not fair to release it first in America because we sell more there or in Italy because we are from Italy.

M – Do you think you’ll release any singles prior to then?
A – This is something we’re still discussing. It is almost sure that we’re going to have a single I have no idea which song! (laughs). We’re also discussing some ideas for a video to release of course before the release of the album. The point is that we still have to mix all the songs before deciding which is going to be a single. When you complete the job it always sounds a little different from what you expect…

M – Finally, is there anything else you want to tell us about Karmacode?
A – Yes, you may think that it’s going to be a different album, but I don’t think that it’s that different from the style of the band. I don’t want anybody getting crazy thinking that we are changing completely the music style. It’s just that we, as I say, pushed some accent here and there on some part of the sound. But I think that this album totally represents the sound of the band, so it’s not going to be completely different but it is a big evolution from the previous one. I’m really happy with all the songs – for the first time I love all the songs. I see it as a big improvement and as a step forward in our career.
I hope that people will enjoy it as much as we do! You never know what to expect when you release something new!

M – Andi, many thanks for speaking to me today!
A – You’re welcome!


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