Lacuna Coil – The Doomsday Tapes Pre-order

General News By Dec 14, 2023

Lacuna Coil have announced THE DOOMSDAY TAPES, a special 11 Tape boxed set of their album releases, will be released on February 9th 2024 and with pre-orders available at a special until the 1st January 2024!

According to the Alone Records site, This gorgeous tape box comprises their entire discographic career, with all nine full-length albums – from 1999’s “In A Reverie” debut to 2019’s darkly elegant “Black Anima” – and those two crucial early EPs, “Lacuna Coil” and “Halflife”. Eleven chapters, spanning over two decades of one of the most important bands of the 21st century.

You can pre-order The Doomsday Tapes at

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