Lacuna Coil To Release Official RPG

General News By Apr 01, 2022

Lacuna Coil have announced today that they are planning to release, via Kickstarter, the official Lacuna Coil Tabletop Roleplaying Game (similar to Dungeons & Dragons). After the recent success of their board game ‘Horns-up’, as well as musical collaborations with games over many years, the band want to further explore that side of their creativity.

Cristina Scabbia has announced. “We all love gaming, and I’ve had to amazing opportunity to do some roleplaying on Twitch over the last year and love it. We think it would be great to combine our musical themes with roleplaying; we’ve always created stories with our lyrics and can’t wait to see how how the game turns out. We’re currently working with friends at Pesce Studios in Milan to make sure it rocks!”

No further details are available, but the official Kickstarter is will be out soon!

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