Black Anima Review

General News By Sep 30, 2019

Black-AnimaIt’s been 3 years since Lacuna Coil’s Delirium hit us with its madness and heaviness. For many it was a surprising new direction for the band; we heard Andrea Ferro focusing on the growl vocals that we’d not heard from him for many years, and Cristina Scabbia taking her soaring vocals to new heights. 

Enter Black Anima.

You will need no more clue to the theme of this album than the name itself. ‘Black Anima’ speaks of the darkness within all of us and the art re-enforces that; there will even be a version of the album that comes with Tarot cards.  But what are Lacuna Coil telling us here? How does this all come together…?

Lacuna Coil’s new album ‘Black Anima‘ is due for release on 11th October 2019 and Emptyspiral has a song by song review of the whole album for you! 

Check out our review here! 


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