Lacuna Coil Release more Delirium Info

General News By Mar 10, 2016

delirium1Lacuna Coil have announced the following today:

Check out the cover and track listing of “Delirium” out May 27th, 2016

There is an old sanatorium up in the hills of Northern Italy. An old, abandoned, and decayed fortress whose corridors are filled with the ghosts of a thousand tortured minds and souls. A place where every wall still bares the scars of countless damaged lives…

Welcome to the LACUNA COIL Sanatorium!

The track listing of “Delirium” reads as follows:
1. The House Of Shame
2. Broken Things
3. Delirium
4. Blood, Tears, Dust
5. Downfall
6. Take Me Home
7. You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You
8. Ghost In The Mist
9. My Demons
10. Claustrophobia
11. Ultima Ratio

We can’t wait!!

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