Lacuna Coil Facebook Compromised / Update

General News, On The Web By Dec 23, 2015

Since yesterday, both Cristina’s Official Page, and the Lacuna Coil Official Facebook pages have been compromised by a third party.

This started the removal of all existing Admin accounts, and then with ‘click-bait’ spamming links posted (some of them on a schedule). This was reported to Facebook and access restored for a time, however it was then compromised again. Admin accounts were again removed and, as well as more ‘click-bait’ spam links, the individual(s) concerned started to publish LC related post and then comment.

Because of the intentional linking of Facebook posts to the official Twitter feed, the posts were also seen by the Twitter community.

Today Cristina made her own feelings felt with this post:
Hello guys,
some son of a bitch is posting on the Lacuna coil page and it is definitely none of us.
All the admins have been kicked out and Facebook is takin foooorever to fix the issue.
Again, it is NOT us and we are definitely not that stupid to post sponsored links.
You all know us well and know that we are better than this.
It is so coward to hide behind a computer, apparently this person is so desperate to try to hurt others to make its own life better.
I feel sorry for them but if this is their way to get entertained… Eh maybe they need to have more hormones activity in their lives, if you know what I mean.
I believe in karma so I am not worried at all… It all comes back, with interests.
This only will give us something more to talk about our new, amazing record.
After all it’s called “Delirium”, right?
Websites are talking about what happened, so thank you so much hacker, free promo for us thanks to your face :))))
Again, thanks to anyone who is trying to help.
Unfortunately the world will always be full of shitty people.
Have a good day and spread the message, please! ❤

Please rest assured that the band are doing everything in their power to return the page to normal, though this may take some time.

UPDATE:  As of 25/12 00:00 the Lacuna Coil official page is back in the control of the band, though the name needs to be changed back.  This awaits intervention by Facebook.  Cristina’s Official Page is still compromised.  We’ll continue to provide updates as much as possible.

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