Lacuna Coil to Release Fare Credere Expose Book

General News By Apr 01, 2015


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Lacuna Coil have announced today that they are publishing ‘Fare Credere’, an ‘Exposé’ of the band written by bassist Marco Coti-Zelati to celebrate twenty years of the bands history and including illustrations throughout drawn by him..

“We have always been a fun band and have many experiences to tell, some good and some very bad!”, claims Marco who has written and illustrated the book to highlight the outrageous things the Lacuna Coil band members have done over the years, some of them very recently: “I was off the tour for last year for a while and had to change my diet. What people don’t know is that I actually had an eating disorder and ended up in hospital because I had lost so much weight. It’s crazy to think that!” say Marco, who is well known for his love of food.  The book also states that Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia has shaven her head and has actually been wearing a wig for the last two years, something she has endeavored keep a secret from her fans.

Marco also writes about Ryan Blake-Folden, who joined Lacuna Coil on drums last year, and the rest of the band asking him to change his name to ‘Rocco Blasi’ and move to Milan (the bands home-town) in an attempt to appear ‘more Italian’. Marco adds “Ryan is a great guy and has has been learning Italian quickly. We really wanted him to change his name and move to Milano “.

The publication date for ‘Fare Credere’ is to be confirmed…

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