Emptyspiral Reviews Broken Crown Halo

Emptyspiral News, General News By Mar 24, 2014

bch-800x800 We’ve listened to, and reviewed Broken Crown Halo! And it’s killer!

Matt writes:
I’ve said before that the musical diversity of Lacuna Coil can make reviewing their albums a challenge for me.  For approaching twenty years now the band have been mixing musical styles, and challenging musical cliches.  They’ve always aimed for something new and that can have an advsere effect – specifically it can be hard to understand what musical identity Lacuna Coil are seeking to create with each album.  These thoughts were going through my mind when I sat down to listen to ‘Broken Crown Halo’ for the first time, and a number of questions quickly followed.  Is the album going to be heavy? Dark? Passionate?  How will it compare to previous albums? Will I like it? Will my fellow fans like it?

You can read the rest of the review here…


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