Message to Emptyspiral from Cristiano ‘Pizza’ Migliore

Emptyspiral News, General News By Feb 15, 2014

Cristiano ‘Pizza’ Migliore, who yesterday announced that he is retiring from Lacuna Coil has sent us the following message:

Dear Coilers,
As you probably know by now, Criz and I are no longer part of the LC family. It was a very tough decision to make but I felt I had to move on and make some changes in my life. This had nothing to do with Cristina and the guys: they’re my family and will always be! I wish them all the luck in the world for whatever comes next.
I just want to say ‘Thanks’ to all of you. I will never forget the time spent playing around the world and meeting so many great people. This will always be in my heart and nobody can take away all the awesome memories I have of it.
And, please, be sure that this isn’t the end of Lacuna Coil! The latest album’s F’in awesome and I hope you enjoy it and the guys will keep touring and write great music. Keep supporting them, they deserve it! 🙂
See you all around, some time, some day.
Massive thanks to Pizza for the message! Good luck, and see you around!

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  1. Krickett says:

    best wishes 2 ya “pizza” !!! thank you for everything in lacuna coil. take care !!

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