Chris ‘Pizza’ Migliore and Cristiano ‘Criz’ Mozzati Retire from Lacuna Coil

General News By Feb 14, 2014

Lacuna Coil have announced the following news today:

Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you today: Our two brothers Cris ‘Pizza’ Migliore and Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati have decided to retire from LACUNA COIL.

Both Pizza and CriZ have had big changes impact their lives recently – we know how stressful and difficult it can be to balance both real life and the life of a professional touring musician, and we have nothing but total respect for their decisions to focus on their families and lives at home.

We have such incredible memories of traveling and exploring the world together with Pizza and CriZ, and we want to wish them both all the best as they begin these exciting new chapters in their lives. We will never forget the important roles they played in this band, or the incredible times we shared together.


Cristina, Andrea, Marco, and Maus.

Guitarist Chris ‘Pizza’ Migliore has added his own message:

Dear friends,

After over 16 years spent with the LACUNA COIL family, I decided to move on and begin a new chapter in my life. This hasn’t been an easy decision, as you can imagine, but I felt like I needed to change some things around.

I’m glad and honored that I’ve had the chance to be able to embark on such an amazing adventure, with such wonderful people as “travel companions”! I will never forget my time in LACUNA COIL and I wish my sister and brothers all the best for whatever the future may bring.

I’m sure you understand! I would also really like to thank every single one of you for showing such amazing love and support for a small band from Milan, Italy, who would’ve never thought would become what it has during these incredible 16 years. Thank you all and enjoy this last record we did with me and CriZ as part of the line-up – it’s some of the best music we’ve done and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Keep on rockin’!!

Cris ‘Pizza’ Migliore

Cristiano ‘Criz’ Mozzati added his own message to everyone:

Hey Coilers,

As many of you guys and gals know, during this last year lots of very important things happened in my life – something really amazing, and deep enough to make me sit in front of my laptop to write these bittersweet words…

I’m leaving my “second family” LACUNA COIL because I need this change in my life… this hasn’t been an easy decision at all and I’ve come to it with pain in my heart, because together we laughed and cried; we fought and gave all our lives to this amazing band. Together we lived the dream for 16 wonderful, intense and unforgettable years. All you guys around the world gave me such positive and sincere vibes and emotions that will stay embedded in my heart for the rest of my life! I want to say thank you Coilers, friends, crew, partners, and people that listen to our music for being such an inspiration for me. To my brothers and sis I’d like to say the following: Never stop to kicking asses, you sure know how to!

The new record is the best thing we’ve done together. I have put all my passion and feelings into it and I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ll never stop playing drums – as we all know, if you were born with rock inside your veins, you’ll die with it… and this is what I will do.

Take care and stay Coilers!


Lacuna Coil’s record company, Century Media Records announced:

Century Media Records would like to extend a massive thank you to Cris “Pizza” Migliore and Cristiano “CriZ” Mozzati, as they will be missed – ‘BROKEN CROWN HALO’ marks a new chapter in the ever-evolving history of LACUNA COIL, but the band will not be slowing down. In fact, they are currently packing their bags and gear to begin touring.

LACUNA COIL return to the road to introduce North America to ‘BROKEN CROWN HALO’ as part of the REVOLVER HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCK TOUR, which launches February 20 and features LACUNA COIL sharing a stage with SICK PUPPIES, Century Media Records labelmates EYES SET TO KILL, and CILVER. The tour launches in Wilmington, NC, and runs through March 20 in Anaheim, CA. See complete itinerary below, and visit for additional details and VIP packages.

‘BROKEN CROWN HALO’ is set for releases April 1, 2014 in North America (March 31 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand) on Century Media Records. The album is the band’s seventh studio effort, and the highly-anticipated follow-up to ‘Dark Adrenaline’, which was released in January 2012 and saw the band tour with acts including Megadeth, Motorhead, Volbeat, Sevendust and Paradise Lost after debuting at No. 15 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

Fans can get a taste of ‘BROKEN CROWN HALO’ in the form of the album track “Nothing Stands In Our Way,” recently released via the Century Media Records Soundcloud page:

Singer Cristina, in a post on Facebook today had her own view on the news:

I know.

I know it feels weird the fact that we chose Valentine’s day to release the news that Chris “Pizza” Migliore and Cristiano “Criz” Mozzati decided to leave the Lacuna coil family.

But it ALL makes sense when at the base of this choice there is still a huge amount of love.

Love for us 6 as a strong group of good friends, love for what we have been able to achieve in so many years together.
Love for Lacuna coil.

I believe this being THE most friendly split (I cannot even call it so, cause it sounds bad) happened to a band.
Not a fight, no ego problems, no anger: a decision taken in the most serene way from Criz and Pizza and fully accepted from the rest of LC.

No, you will not read any angry articles on Blabbermouth, sorry :))

We know we left some of you heartbroken with the news and surely Andi, Maki, Maus and I are gonna MISS THE HELL out of our brothers (even though we will still see each other off stage :)))!!) , but don’t take this all as a sad news because Criz and Pizza are serene in their decisions and the rest of us are absolutely, completely, totally determined to bring you guys the most sincere and great album we did so far, “Broken Crown Halo”, and keep the LACUNA COIL LEGACY going.

Are you ready? We definitely are and have NO intention to stop.
Are you with us?


Maus clarified the position about guitarist replacement:

We (LACUNA COIL) are not searching for ANY other guitar player,awesome player,phenomenal player,super technical player,cool player,funny player etc etc..

I hope this is clear for everybody.
Cheers and Metal up your Ass biatchessssssss! \m/

Finally, Ryan Blake Folden, friend of the band who has played with Lacuna Coil on stage in previous todays confirmed that he will be joining them again for the upcoming US tour.

I would like to take a comment to thank both Pizza and CriZ for everything you’ve done over the years in Lacuna Coil! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m glad to have shared so many great moments with you both.
You will of course be missed by us all, but I also want to wish you both all the best that life has to offer in the future and hope to catch up with you!



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