Emptyspiral Podcast / Episode 40

Emptyspiral Podcast By Oct 12, 2013

Comalies ReviewWe’re 40!  How did that happen?  Doesn’t feel like yesterday that we came up with the idea of doing a podcast!  This week in the Lacuna Coil Community podcast we’re talking to fellow coiler Veronica from Argentina, reviewing the song Daylight Dancer, and er… talking about smuggling Oompa Loompas on tour. Oh yes!

Remember that if you want to be on the podcast to tell us about your devotion to Lacuna Coil you just have to contact us on our Podcast page!

You can listen to podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or, alternatively, you can download or listen to the podcast right here:


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  1. Laura says:

    Intresting channel <3 it \,,/

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