Andrea and Cristina Interviewed by Live Metal

General News, In The Media, On The Web By May 27, 2013

live-metal-criLacuna Coil vocalists Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia have been interviewed by Live Metal.

In the interview Andi and Cristina talk about the US tour with Sevendust, what it’s like being on the road, the reaction to Dark Adrenaline and much more.  When discussing the bands most recent album, Cristina has this to say:

“The only thing I regret about Dark Adrenaline is that it is such a great album—at least, for me—that I wish we could’ve toured properly to promote it. Of course, we’re playing a lot of the new songs, but I was really looking forward to doing a whole tour, like with a special set-up onstage dedicated to Dark Adrenaline. But in the end, we decided to do a tour that was the Dark Legacy tour that was a celebration of 15 years of the band. So that kind of got lost. So I can’t wait to translate this on the next tour, together with a new album that will come out, possibly next year.”

You can read the full interview at the Live Metal website here.

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