Cristina takes the Kerrang Rockstar Test

In The Media By Jul 07, 2012

Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia takes ‘The Ultimate Rockstar test’ in the July 7th issue of UK rock magazine Kerrang! Cristina is asked a number of questions, such as ‘Have you ever thrown any Diva tantrums?’ (no, but she demands clean cotton sheets in the tour bus) and ‘Have you ever wrecked anything that wasn’t yours?’ (she dropped Megadeths ear-monitor pack into a toilet) as an indicator of just how ‘Rock’n’Roll she actually is.

Cristina scores 72% in the test and Kerrang adds ‘the Italian front woman counts as a star that has a lot of class’

You can read all of the questions, and Cristina’s responses, in issue #1422 of Kerrang Magazine, available now.

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