Lacuna Coil to cover Morbid Angel on New Album

General News By Apr 01, 2011

In an exclusive update today with Emptyspiral, Lacuna Coil have confirmed that they are planning on covering Morbid Angels ‘Where The Slime Live’ on their, as yet, untitled album.

Bassist Marco Coti-Zelati said ‘I love Where the Slime Live, and Hatework, both off their Domination album!’ Guitarist Cristiano Migliore added ‘WeÕre taking a heavier direction and we wanna cover a MA song’ and vocalist Cristina Scabbia also mentions that she is considering speaking to Mylie Cyrus or Justin Bieber about a possible collaboration ‘for something poppier and a bit different..’

The album, a follow-up to 2009s Shallow Life, doesn’t have a date for release yet.

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