Shallow Life 2CD Deluxe Edition Released in January

General News By Jan 05, 2010

Century Media are to release a deluxe 2CD edition of Lacuna Coils 2009 album ‘Shallow Life’. As well as the original music from the album, the deluxe edition includes previously unreleased tracks and acoustic arrangements on a separate CD.

CD 1 Tracklist:
1. Survive
2. I Won’t Tell You
3. Not Enough
4. I’m Not Afraid
5. I Like It
6. Underdog
7. The Pain
8. Spellbound
9. Wide Awake
10. The Maze
11. Unchained
12. Shallow Life

CD 2 Tracklist:
1.The Last Goodbye
2. Leaving Alone
3. Oblivion
4. Spellbound (acoustic)
5. I Won’t Tell You (acoustic)
6. Survive (live)
7. I’m Not Afraid (live)
8. I Won’t Tell You (live)
9. Tightrope (live)
10. Fragments Of Faith (live)
11. The Game (live)

The deluxe edition is due for release on 22nd January in Europe and 25th January in the UK.

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