Century Media To Release 'Manifesto Of… Lacuna Coil'

General News By Feb 06, 2009

Century Media are due to release ‘Manifesto Of… Lacuna Coil’, a ‘Best Of’ album featuring songs spanning their career; from the original EP through to Karmacode.

The tracklist on the album will be:
1. Our Truth
2. Closer
3. Within Me
4. Enjoy The Silence
5. Swamped
6. Heaven’s A Lie 7. Daylight Dancer
8. To Live Is To Hide
9. Cold Heritage
10. Senzafine
11. Honeymoon Suite
12. My Wings
13. Falling Again
14. No Need To Explain
15. The Secret

‘Manifesto Of…Lacuna Coil’ is released on the 28th February 2008 and more information can be found at Century Media Record here…

You can view all of Lacuna Coil’s releases in our Discography.

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