Lacuna Coil Kerrang! Magazine's 'Albums for 2009'

In The Media By Jan 09, 2009

Lacuna Coil are one of the bands featured in UK Kerrang! Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2009’ feature in issue #1242.

The magazine has this to say:
2009 will see the Italian crew unleashing their fifth album. Having recorded 15 tracks with Don Gilmore (Linkin Park) in LA, vocalist Cristina Scabbia can barely contain her excitement, promising that the new material will blow everyone away. “We just took Lacuna Coil to the next level – maybe even two levels ahead,” she says. “As usual we just let our inspiration flow naturally.” Assuring us that the record will once again see them experimenting and expanding on their formidable sounds, this is one that fans hankering for a bit of beauty with their heavy stuff won’t want to miss. “These songs are in your face,” Cristina promises.

The album is cited for a March/April release.

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