LACUNA COIL Ð want YOU to be part of their DVD!

General News, Tour News By Jun 12, 2008

Lacuna Coil have announced today:

Italian Goth Metal Icons LACUNA COIL have launched a very special contest on Youtube asking their fans to contribute to their upcoming DVD. 3 favourite clips will be featured on the DVD which is scheduled for release later this year.

From the band:ÒAs most of you know weÕre at home right now writing songs for our new album. However, weÕre also working on something else very special as well Ð and we want YOU to be a part of itÉ.

WeÕre putting together a special DVD that will be all about the ÒKarmacodeÓ album and all of the tours that we have done over the past 2 years.

And of course all of the fun and good times that we had with all of you while we were out there promoting ÒKarmacodeÓ! We know we have some of the best fans in the world and feel we have to celebrate you by giving you a feature on the DVD.

We have created this youtube channel:, so you can send us stuff that you have filmed that relates to either LACUNA COIL or ÒKarmacodeÓ.

This can be anything like for example:- Any of our live performances.
– We would love to see videos from the American Stone Sour or Rob Zombie tours.
– You meeting us and hanging out with us.
– Home made videos for songs from ÒKarmacodeÓ.
– Videos of ÒKarmacodeÓ related artwork.
– ÒKarmacodeÓ karaoke sessions with your crazy friends.

Just make sure you keep the following things in mind:
– Please read through the terms and conditions in the column on the left of our youtube-channel THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
– Your footage must feature in its headline: Lacuna Coil official DVD competition
– Only use footage that you shot yourself. So no borrowing images or music from other people or bands. We know this is very tempting, but we want your own creativity and footage with our music. If a clip features other peopleÕs work we cannot use it.
– Please make sure we can contact you if your feature gets picked for the DVD, because we will need a Òhigh resolutionÓ version that is suitable for DVD and we need to officially clear the usage with you.
– Please send in your material before June 30th, this is the drop dead deadline.

Sending us your clips is easy: Just upload your clip to your Youtube account, then add it to our channel by making it a video-comment our short introductory clip.

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