Cristina to perform with Apocalyptica at Download and Metal Hammer Awards

General News, In The Media By May 16, 2008

Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia has confirmed that she will be performing with Finnish instrumental sensations Apocalyptica at this years Download Festival on Sunday 15th June.

Cristina will be performing the epic ballad ÔSOS (Anything But Love)Õ which was released as a single earlier this year which was accompanied by a suitably dark and lavish video:

ÔSOS (Anything But Love)Õ has also been featured as the title track to a new motion picture ÔStoneÕs WarÕ Ð a science fiction war movie based on a story of Finnish soldiers during World War 2.

The Download Festival performance will be the first time that Apocalyptica have performed live with Cristina Scabbia and itÕs also a first for Cristina to be performing here, in the UK, without Lacuna Coil, something sheÕs rather excited about “Ok guys, let’s spit it out, finally: I’ll be in the UK soon! Yeeeeeees, I’ve been invited by my friends Apocalyptica to join them during their set at Download, on the song “SOS (Anything for love)” and GOD I SO can’t wait! You know how much I love the UK and how much I ADORE the always fantastic crowd, so expect me to be very emotional and happy on stage! I want to see you all there during the performance, it’s gonna rock”

Apocalyptica and Cristina will also be performing their song at this years prestigious Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards at Indigo O2 on 16th June.

Cristina comments “Last time I performed at the Metal Hammer Award: 1) I won an award, and that was AWESOME 2) I was sick, very sick, and that was a LITTLE LESS awesome, but STILL great because Lacuna coil performed that night as well … and I saw you guys being there with us, hearts and souls. This year I’ll be there without the Lacuna boys, but with my other buddies of Apocalyptica. When we perform “SOS (Anything but love) I expect you all to sing it with me!!!” And after, we all will party together, that’s for sure!”

Lacuna Coil are currently working on their highly anticipated new album, the follow up to 2006Õs worldwide acclaimed ÔKarmacodeÕ album, but will be taking a short break in June to play some headlining shows in Australia

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