Cristina in Metal Hammer Magazine

In The Media By Oct 22, 2007

UK magazine Metal Hammer interviewed Cristina Scabbia as part of their feature on Apocalyptica in their November 2007 issue.
Cristina had this to say
“Appearing on Apocalyptica’s album was an honour and a challenge. I’d never sung their kind of music before, and it’s hard to sing another person’s vocal line – especially a guy’s. But the song’s great. I hope that this album makes them a little more popular. They deserve it.
I recently sang on Megadeths, album as well. It was a coincidence that these things came along at once, but I’ve no intention of leaving my own band. I’m getting asked that question a lot right now, but there’s no reason for fans to worry. I’ll always be totally dedicated to Lacuna Coil.”

Issue #172 of Metal Hammer is available now.

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