Cristina Talks about Photobucket and Fan Communities

General News By Jan 08, 2007

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia has been interviewed as part of a news article about online photosharing company

From the article:
ÒLacuna CoilÕs success has always been defined by the fans,Ó said Cristina Scabbia, lead vocalist, Lacuna Coil. ÒItÕs that diehard devotion that gives us the fuel to create this music and we are extremely humbled by it. These photos represent just how loyal our fan base is, and we wish that we could give more back to them as thanks for all of their support. Our fans are part of our family and we would not exist without them.”

You can read the full article at here, additionally you can currently view a series of fan submitted art and photos at the Lacuna Coil Myspace Page

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