Cristina Interviewed in Kerrang! Magazine

In The Media By Sep 21, 2006

The September 23rd issue of UK rock magazine, Kerrang! includes a two page interview with Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia. Though Cristina sums up by describing herself as ‘a boring girl’, Mšrat concludes:
‘Far from being “a boring girl” Cristina is excellent company, the kind of person who adds a little light to the room just by being there; the kind of person you’d describe as bubbly if that didn’t imply being vacuous. She seems totally unaffected by stardom and where once upon a time, let’s be honest, girls in rock bands were often hairier than the blokes, Cristina adds a touch of class to the scene. Just remember not to blow smoke in her face!’

You can read the full interview in issue #1126 of Kerrang! – out now.

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