Lacuna Coil Ozzfest Report

Tour News By Aug 09, 2006

Reported at Century Media today:
“Andrea Ferro (vocals) checks in with the following Ozzfest report: ÒWe recently played one of the biggest Ozzfest shows thus far in Tinley Park, and we had a lot of friends from the city visiting us so we pulled out our canopy and all the camping chairs. The crowd gave us a big welcome back and the show was really energetic! In the evening Cristina, Lucone (our drum tech) and I went to a club nearby to checkout a showcase with the guys from Avenged Sevenfold. After few drinks the party moved to Dan’s (guitar player from Disturbed) beautiful house and the night quickly got out of control with a serious amount of shots and beers. We ended up on the A7X bus dancing till dawn. The off-date we had with Atreyu in Grand Rapids was simply amazing. It was such an intense show. The crowd was going crazy, the sound was really good and we were in really good shape. The vibe of a club after so many big arena shows is simply awesome.

ÒEast Troy was a really nice place in the middle of a huge golf course. This is the place Stevie Ray Vaughn lost his life crashing with his helicopter after the show and that gave me a weird vibe. We finally made it into Toronto after the usual border trouble. We had a great first night and then headed to a rock bar where the guys from Hatebreed took over the DJ booth for a quick set that evolved into another wild night of shots and beers. The NYC show was absolutely amazing and the tour is quickly coming to an end but we will be back soon. Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you all soon.Ó

You can read the full report at Century Media here…

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