Andrea Checks In From Ozzfest

Tour News By Jul 15, 2006

Lacuna Coil’s Andrea Ferro has checked in with this report from Ozzfest

“Ozzfest is well underway and we couldn’t be more excited! To play on the main stage is a big challenge for us. The mood is really different from the second stage, and you really have to win over the audience that very often is sitting in a chair waiting to be impressed. The signing sessions at FYE and Jagermeister are always special moments to get closer to the fans that often tell us that they can’t afford the seats on main stage and that they watch the show from far away on the lawn. That is true devotion, and we can never thank them enough for the support.

“Last Sunday was one of the most special days we’ve ever spent on tour and it will be surely the one we will never forget. On that day, our beloved Italy played France in the World Cup final. The tension was at a maximum level for us. Our bus was filled with the Dragonforce guys, their crew, some of the security guys with Italian blood and our friends in Unearth (Italian blooded as well) all watchin’ the match on satellite. When Italy won, all of us started running around in a triumph of flags and soccer jerseys. We then played our show wearing our national soccer jerseys and with flags on top of the bass speakers. It was a hell of a party. That’s it for the moment and we hope to see you all soon.”

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