Marco Coti Zelati in the online edition of Bass Player

In The Media, On The Web By May 02, 2006

Marco Coti Zelati is interviewed by Matt Sanchez in the online April edition of Bass Player. Sanchez had this to say about the new album: “At the first listen, thereÕs something strange about Lacuna CoilÕs latest album, Karmacode. The Italian hard rock actÕs songs are intricate, rhythmically interesting, and full of melody, but somehow different. Then it hits you: The other instruments are following the bass. Whenever the guitars and bass lock into a riff, itÕs the bass thatÕs leading the way and controlling the songÕs flow. ÒItÕs the opposite of what youÕd expect,Ó agrees Marco Coti Zelati.”
The article continues with Sanchez interviewing Marco about his inspiration for the new album and other influences.

You can read the full article at Bass Player online here…

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