Very Favorable Karmacode Review in All Music Guide

In The Media By Apr 02, 2006

The All Music Guide, on of the Net’s premier sources for music reviews, has awarded Karmacode four out of five stars, and given it a very complimentary review, saying in part:
“The Italian sextet’s songwriting and instrumentation directly reflect the original naming of metal as a separate mineral from rock and roll, with a seamless blend of classical music and modern rock. As a result, the disc seems refreshingly self-possessed. The band doesn’t intentionally shy away from the stylistic qualifiers that have come to exemplify progressive metal, it just allows the theatrical elements to emerge on their own. The album’s goth voice, for instance, is readily apparent without desperate or forced attempts at spooky compositions, because it shines through in truly inspired melodies that just happen to be ethereal, exotic, and chilling.” Click for review.

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