Lacuna Coil in Metal Hammer Magazine

In The Media By Mar 15, 2006

Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia appears on the cover on off the April issue of Metal Hammer Magazine in the UK and the magazine also includes a six page article/interview with the band. Ian Winwood asks Cristina and Marco (Coti Zelati) about Karmacode, and the rising success of Lacuna Coil, amongest other things. There is also a track by track breakdown of the forthcoming album.

Metal Hammer also reviews Lacuna Coil’s album Karmacode giving it 8/10 and concluding: “It’s too early to make statements about ‘Karmacode’ being the most important record of Lacuna Coil’s career. Nor do we know if it’ll jolt them to a new level. But, living with it for some time proves one thing: Lacuna have done something that honestly reflects where they are musically, in the process showing they have what it takes to be world class“.

Finally the accompanying DVD includes a ‘Lacuna Coil’s Personal Problem Solving’ movie in which Cristina and Cristiano (Migliore) answer Metal Hammer readers problems.

Metal Hammer issue 151 is on sale now

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