Lacuna Coil Reveal ‘Karmacode’ Details

General News By Jan 05, 2006

In an article published on today Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia and Cristiano Migliore have revealed more information about ‘Karmacode’, the bands forthcoming album.

Says Cristina, “I imagine it’s easy for everyone to understand how truly excited we are for the world to hear the new material. It’ll give everyone the chance to hear the growth that the band has experienced over the past couple of years. I simply cannot wait to get out and play the new songs live. There will definitely be a lot of energy coming from the stage next year!”

Cristiano adds, “It’s taken a long time to put together these songs and I can say they’re the best ones we’ve ever written! Working with old friends as well as new ones has been incredibly exciting and we had the chance to mix in one of the best studios in the world so, really, what else could we ask for? I’m definitely sure our fans will love the music just as much as they’ll love the artwork that Asterik has created for ‘Karmacode’!”

The full track listing for “Karmacode” is as follows:

01. Fragile
02. To The Edge
03. Our Truth
04. Within Me
05. Devoted
06. You Create
07. What I See
08. Fragments Of Faith
09. Closer
10. In Visible Light
11. The Game
12. Without Fear
13. Enjoy The Silence

“Our Truth”, the album’s lead track, will be released on the “Underworld: Evolution” soundtrack on January 10 as reported here.
“We all loved the first ‘Underworld’ movie and soundtrack and knowing we’ll be part of this soundtrack alongside all these great bands is awesome!” says Cristiano. “It’s incredible to see all this interest in our band and every time something like this happens it’s definitely surreal. It’s also going to be a great chance to see what people think of the new stuff! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!”

A video for “Our Truth” was shot in Los Angeles by Fort Awesome, a brand-new directorial duo.
“The experience of shooting the video was a wonderful one, for sure,” states Cristina. “Both the band and the crew worked from sunset to sunrise in the Hollywood Hills, remaining 100% focused and after all was said and done we believe we pulled off a masterpiece of a video we’re sure everyone’s going to love.”

‘Karmacode’ is set for release on April 4th in the U.S.

My thanks to da_man03 and Blabbermouth for the information!

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